Bough for Pocket PC (ARM) 2.05

Bough for Pocket PC (ARM) 2.05
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Platform: mobile
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*** SALE ***Bough Puzzle is an exciting logic game in which you attempt to restore atree to life by piecing together its broken branches. The pieces of the treehave been left in place, but each has been rotated randomly. It is your jobto reconnect them so that they will begin to receive water. Your score isdetermined by how quickly, and in how few moves you can solve the puzzle.It offers five difficulty levels and thousands of games for each level.Other features include the ability to repeat any game, and to view thesolution to any particular puzzle.The free version of the game allows unlimited access to the first twolevels and limited access to the other levels (3 games each).The exciting “cell lock” feature allows you to “lock” a cell when you arecertain it’s in the right position. Just hold the Action hardware button onyour Pocket PC device and tap a cell you want to lock. Locked cells willthen be displayed with a different background. If you find you’ve locked acell incorrectly, you can easily unlock it by tapping it again while holdingthe hardware button. This feature makes the insane level a lot less impossible.New in Version 2.0 is the Custom level. The Custom levels will allow you to play boards of any size from as small as 3×3 to as large as 17×17. The custom level borders to not connect (they are not “without borders”).

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