Bomgar’s Remote Desktop Control Appliance Allays SaaS Security Concerns


Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) May 16, 2007

It is now agreed that remote desktop control is vital for efficient technical support of customers and employees, particularly those who work remotely or whose jobs require travel. It is also agreed that the simplicity of clientless remote desktop access has a solid position in future technology adoption and spending. However, the question of which solution to choose still looms large. Most solutions available are based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, but this model has serious security drawbacks, especially in the financial sector. Bomgar’s appliance-based remote desktop control solution offers a remedy for both concerns.

According to recent IDC analysis, technical support offered by clientless remote desktop control is becoming a contributor to competitive edge. The global market for clientless remote support services tools, which surpassed 0 million in 2006, is predicted to reach 7 million by 2011.

However, most solutions on the market provide hackers with the tantalizing target of corporate data from hundreds or thousands of SaaS company customers — everything from social security numbers of employees to sensitive strategic and financial information and the health history of millions of US citizens. As SaaS providers basically act as a storage center for this confidential information, hacking into just one system provides an incredible opportunity.

The Software as an Appliance (SaaA) model, as provided by Bomgar’s remote desktop control solution, mitigates these concerns. The appliance arrives at your location as a secure device and resides at your facility under your current security measures. As no data is routed through a third party, remote desktop support sessions do not open the door to a security breach that may compromise information about your company, your employees and your customers.

Finance is of particular concern for companies using the SaaS remote desktop control model. Because of the complexity and extensive maintenance required for server software, many companies have turned to SaaS both to reduce complexity and save money spent on maintenance. However, while SaaS did reduce the complexity, the same did not hold true for the costs, as ongoing monthly fees cost at least as much as maintenance costs.

Comparative cost analysis shows that the appliance model, on the other hand, has a lower ongoing cost than both server software and SaaS.

For more information on how appliance-based remote desktop control allays security and financial concerns, visit the Bomgar website, or contact Melissa Dent at 601-519-0139.