Bishop Veron Ashe Prophecies to Dr. Rodney Sampson

This prophetic Word of the Lord was articulated to Dr. Rodney Sampson by Bishop Veron Ashe, a extremely accurate 21st century prophet, particularly as it relates to his business affairs within the company he founded known to many as (aka Streaming Faith, LLC – a subsidiary of Multicast Media Technologies (Networks) in 2000 with three partners. The prophecy speaks to the betrayal of Sampson, his ultimate redemption, the books he would write, and the impact he would have in the earth. This prophecy was delivered live from Bishop Harold Ray’s Kingdom Dominion Summit in the summer of 2001. It was at this summit that Dr. Sampson decided to sow an Internet Television and Radio Network into the fellowship. These channels were valued at more than 000 US at the time. These services were also some of the first live Internet broadcasts delivered by the company. While serving as CEO of the company, Sampson also authorized and sowed networks and advertising services to Dr. Myles Munroe, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Bishop TD Jakes, and Denny’s Corporation. Multicast Media Networks was founded by Sampson, Schwartz, Conaway, and Rice in 2000. Chance Mason was hired to fulfill a customer service role in 2001 due to the company’s growth. Mason is not a founder of the company. Sampson departed the day to day operations in June 2002. Sampson remains a shareholder and owner in the company today. Undeniably, Sampson and his partners created what has become the most