Big in Japan – Podcall API Functionality

Big in Japan – Podcall API Functionality
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Want this? Big in Japan can provide it for you via their Podcall API.

In a move that reflects the current direction of the Big in Japan business, the company is launching its first true tool set ~ an API to allow web applications to build in robust voice features (built, managed and hosted by Big in Japan). Big in Japan doesn’t want to build the applications you use, they want to make the applications your deliver better! Think BASF for web services.

The Big in Japan team has been providing Voice 2.0 integrated applications as dedicated applications for quite some time. Today, the company will announce that they have a robust API (application programming interface) that allows any web developer or application developer to integrated custom phone features into their application. The first API provides hooks into the company’s popular Podcall system. The API work regardless of the web technology (Ruby on Rails, PHP, Flash and of course simple HTML to name a few). Want to offer this sort of functionality found on Google:

Originally built to allow for quick and easy integration for Courtney Cox’s new television show Dirt, the Big in Japan team is opening the API for any developer who needs access to a telephone system. What can it do? The possibilities are endless. Start with simple functions like providing messages or wake-up calls to your users or clients. Then build interesting dating applications to connect people together. Or create robust identity verification system for your services for payment processing or demographic data collection. The system is robust and the applications are limitless. WTG guys!…