Best Way to Build Websites: Online vs Desktop Software

Best Way to Build Websites: Online vs Desktop Software

Best Way to Build Websites: Online vs Desktop Software

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Home Page > Computers > Best Way to Build Websites: Online vs Desktop Software

Best Way to Build Websites: Online vs Desktop Software

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Posted: Sep 19, 2010 |Comments: 0


There are a wide variety of website builder solution available that allow users to create professional looking, full featured websites and online stores instantly.

What’s more, you can do it all on your own at a fraction of cost of what you would have paid otherwise to a hired professional for the job. Most website builders features easy to learn user interface and pre-designed website templates. Even if you are not a tech-friendly person with knowledge of HTML, PHP and other programming codes, you can still build a professional looking website quickly.

There are two major types of website builder software, the web based ones and the desktop based ones. If you have a slow Internet connection that often goes awry, going for a desktop based website builder software that doesn’t need you be online while creating your web pages should be the ideal solution. However, if you have the habit of making changes and edits every now and then to your web pages, and see how the same are reflected online, going for an online website builder software will give you the required flexibility.

While each of these options as mentioned above have their pros and cons, try answering these questions to make the final choice:

How many websites do you need to build: While some people may need a single website, some others may want to design multiple websites by paying a one-time fee. Check which one of the website builder software offers you the desired option and choose accordingly. Remember to select the one where you own the copyright to the design and the content.

Desired level of flexibility: Whether you need to reach out to a limited clientele or want to host the website anywhere is another big question, which would affect your choice of a desktop based website builder software or its online counterpart.

User friendly: Whatever be your choice, make sure that your website builder software is user-friendly and has a step by step interface to help you create the web pages.

Budget and Timeline: Your budget for getting your website to get up and running and your own technical skill level are other factors worth consideration.

Data security and privacy: Most corporate users still prefer a desktop based software which can be installed on their own computer. This way all information are secure, and they do not need to worry about data loss caused by the online website builder provider, or privacy issues.

When it comes to choosing between online and browser based website builder software, all that you need to do is have a clear idea of your requirements and the budgetary constraints, if any, to make the right choice.

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Ted Ko
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