Behavioral Targeting: Ads That Track Your Web Activity

Complete video at: Investment advisor Jack Myers and Wiredset CEO Mark Ghuneim warn against behavioral targeting, the advertising practice of displaying ads based on user activity. Many terms of service agreements, they say, grant websites permission to save and sell personal information. —– Learn what you need to know now to keep your competitive edge! Entertainment and technology expert Mark Ghuneim offers a crash course on how digital technologies are transforming the media industry. After 16 years at Sony Music USA, Ghuneim launched Wiredset, a digital marketing agency and technology incubator for TV networks, record labels, and brands. He also founded the social media tracking and data visualization service, Trendrr. The discussion is moderated by Jack Myers, one of the media industry’s leading visionaries and economic forecasters. Learn how phenomena like social communities, user-generated content, commercial-avoidance technologies, and performance-based media have changed the rules. – The New School Mark Ghuneim launched the digital agency Wiredset in 2004 after 16 years with Sony Music USA, where he was most recently Senior Vice President for Online Services. In that role, he created and implemented online marketing campaigns and was responsible for Sony Music’s online sales. Jack Myers works with media companies, agencies and marketers to develop and implement investment, business development and growth strategies. He is the recipient of the George