Basic questions in testing web application?

Question by ram_nair200: Basic questions in testing web application?
I know this is a very basic question but still I don’t know. I developed a web application and its working fine. Till now I didn’t used any testing tools. I used to test my application manually. I really don’t know how the system will behave if more concurrent users are connected to the system and I also don’t know whether my application is meeting all the standards like performance, CPU utilization etc. These are the following concerns I have.

1) What are the testing tools I can use to test my application?

2) What are main parameters under which I have to test my application?

3) How I will come to know whether report generated by the tool is meeting all the standards. Is there any standard (values) where I can compare my testing report?

4) How to find out the minimum and maximum hardware configuration required for running my application?

Any help would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Christian D
The best tool to test application are friends, just e-mail them a copy and let them tell you if it have bugs

For performance and all use Windows Task Manager (the one that appears when you click CRTL-ALT-DEL look for your application in Runing process and see the % of CPU its using and how much memory

For the minimum and maximum requierements again, this is when friends once again come in handy, because not all will have the same PC, some will have a different processor, some will have less memory, it youre on your own its just trial an error, USE YOUR FRIENDS!!! THEY HAVE USED YOU 😉

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