BarracudaDrive Server 5.2

BarracudaDrive Server 5.2
Category: Remote Access
Platform: windows
License: Free
Publisher: Real Time Logic


BarracudaDrive is a store which can access, and share files online. BarracudaDrive turns your home network into online file storage. For example, BarracudaDrive turns your PC or Mac into an online file server so whatever is on your computer can be accessed from anywhere, such as from work. You can also give your friends limited or unlimited access to your computer so you can easily share documents, photos, music, and so on. You specify what you want to share. BarracudaDrive is similar to the iDisk service provided by Apple, but without the monthly fee. BarracudaDrive also includes other services such as a Blog that you can connect with your friends on Facebook.

What’s new in this version: Version 5.2 has added new Lua virtual machine 5.2.1 and improved configuration wizard.

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