Banana Split Professional Race Timer 4.1

Banana Split Professional Race Timer 4.1
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Race Management FeaturesUnlimited number of racers. We’ve timed events with 850 racers with no difficulty.Bib numbers can be of any size. Unlimited number of laps. You can review the results in place order, by racer class, or by bib number at any time. When you have a multiple lap race, all results are available for all laps and final time. You can edit any of the results to correct errors in bib numbers and result times. You can even add a new result if you missed a racer at the finish line. You can beam results directly to another Palm at any time during or after a race. This is ideal for recording intermediate results so those anxious early finishers can get their times and places. You can also use this to collect results from multiple timers in one consolidated result list. Race results accommodate multiple classes of racers and will produce results by class. You canhave an unlimited number of classes. Each class of racers will have their own finish order as wellas the overall finish order. Racers can also be assigned to “groups” such as individual teams. You can then print results for each team. You can offset times for selected racers if you have a wave start. You can also offset individual racers starts for “interval start” races where you have racers starting individually (or in pairs, etc.). You can set up multiple races ahead of time and load in sets of racers from the MemoPad. You can also use desktop system spreadsheet software to register racers and download them to Banana Split. All result formats can be saved to the MemoPad for transfer to the desktop computer. You can also set the format to make it easy to import the results into spreadsheets (Excel spreadsheet templates provided). New automatic scoring for Cross-country running teams!Banana Split Sport Timer Features:Simple data entry with just one finger! Just press the number pad and enter buttons. Four “Enter” buttons that you can pre-load with racers as they approach the finish line. You can enter times even if you don’t know the bib number. Easy edit of results if you need to change bib numbers, add a bib number to a time, or delete anextra time that was entered accidentally. Elapsed time and next finisher place display. Running log of the last ten bib numbers you entered (also shows their time, lap number, and name) List and review results any time during the race. You can also check all of a racer’s lap times. The Palm’s four hardware buttons are set to perform time entry (two buttons) and quick screen changes between the timer input screen and the split screen. This makes it easier to performthese functions and keeps you from accidentally switching out of the timer during a race. Banana Split maintains correct time to the nearest 0.001 second (millisecond) even if the Palm isswitched off or another program is run during the race. You can switch on sounds to give you audible feedback when you press the buttons. Split Time Features:The split time feature is ideal for coaching on the course. It shows the current racer incomparison to the racer just ahead and just behind as well as the first three racers. You can usethis to give your racers exact information about their position, time and how much time theyneed to make up to improve their place. Pace is displayed for all racers when you set up a race distance. Race distance can be entered in kilometers, miles, yards, or meters. Pace can be displayed in time/mile, time/km, time/100 yards, time/100meters, miles/hour, or km/hour. You can view the current lap as well as go back to see performance on prior laps. The split timer takes into account interval starts so you get the true time and place for all racers. You can view “back splits” on interval start races which let you radio ahead to coaches aftermore racers have passed.Instant cross country running team scoring!3.3 (6/11/01) – Added Buttons to main time entry screen to go directly to Place order results, Bib order results (with splits), and Split Competition screen.Added option to keep bib numbers in four enter buttons for entering multiple laps for up to four racers. Great for following your NASCAR racers.Added more result display modes to view results.Added direct serial connection to the desktop for fast, easy transfer of results.

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