Banana Split Coach Timer 3.4

Banana Split Coach Timer 3.4
Category: Sports Games
Platform: mobile
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Our “Coach” timer has all of the functions you need to time and coach athletes on the track. You have unlimited racers, laps, split times, interval starts, racer classes and groups. You can view results by Place, class, and lap and individual racers by lap.When you enter a race distance, you will be shown the Pace (in any units you want).We’ve also added a Pace display to the split screen for quick reference.Instant Split display gives you everything you need to know when timing laps and interval starts.(See our new “Banana Split Professional” timer which now has all of the race management features.)Keeps track of laps, interval starts, multiple classes of racers, race groups (teams), racer names. Was originally designed as a XC ski race timer to track complex splits and interval starts for on-course coaching. Gives lap information, time from leader, time to next racer and much more. Racer registration screen allows you to enter names, classes, groups, and start delay for each racer. Full reporting on screen.-course splits.Improved Pace display and projected finish for multi-lap races!

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