Backup Bitster 1.3

Backup Bitster 1.3
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Platform: mobile
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gives you the power to protect all your Palm’s data and applications! Simply install this small utility and gain full control over which data and applications are backed up during a HotSync. Have you ever worried about what might happen if you lost all the data on your Palm? Perhaps some day you may not change your batteries fast enough. The kids might “borrow” the batteries for their Gameboy. Your Palm might even be stolen while you are snoozing between flights. Somehow, someday, you are likely to lose data on your Palm Pilot. Is your data adequately protected? If you think regular HotSyncs are the answer, you are only half right: HotSync typically backs up only a fraction of the data on your Palm. The rest could be lost forever. Backup Bitster is a possible solution to this common problem faced by Palm owners who are forced to do an emergency restore. Using only the default HotSync, you may spend many hours both in reinstalling applications and attempting to restore potentially irretrievable data. Backup Bitster allows you to back up your entire Palm, including all your data, applications, bookmarks, and categories, so you no longer have to worry about losing anything. Now whenever you HotSync, all the data you select for protection is backed up, even if the application vendor did not take precautions to guarantee your data’s safety. Backup Bitster is a small Palm application, not a conduit. This means that no matter where or when you HotSync, you will always be protected.Note: Certain databases are not intended to be backed up. An example of such a database is “Unsaved Preferences”, a database that is part of the Palm OS, and contains data that will no longer be valid after a restore. If you have backed up this database, it is advisable to delete it from the “Backup” directory before executing a restore. The “Backup” directory is found in Palm\”Your hotsync ID”\.

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