BabyLog 1.8

BabyLog 1.8
Category: Word Processing Software
Platform: mobile
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can keep track of all your kids’ information. You can view, track, and edit your kids’ body measurements – weight, height, milestones, immunizations, special events, and so on.Moreover, you can organize this information into different categories and can view them in date, days, weeks, months, and years sorting order. v1.8Add support PalmOS 5.0, e.g. Palm Tungsten T, Sony CLIE NX70.Minior bug fixv1.7Add expoert to memo: selects any BabyLog categories and record types to export to Memo.Users can edit the title of exported memo.Users can choose existing memo categories as memo destination.Users can set the private status of exported memo.v1.6Add note/description field to support 300 characters.v1.5Added Sickness information.v1.4Added Preferences to choose scrolling by a line or by a page.Bug fixed in reset the palm while records are corrupted.v1.3OS 3.5 compatible.Added Color Applicaton Icon for Palm IIIc. Bug fixed to reset the palm in choosing categories in the Palm IIIc.v1.2Added gender, blood type, and SSN/ID information.Added editable birthday date, time, and category.Bug fixed in calculating day/week/month/years while moving records.v1.1Added highlight of last edited record.Added note icon displayed in main screen when the record (weight/height or immunization) contains note.Added lb/oz and ft/in selection while inputting weight and height information.

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