AV8OR ACE (GO FLY Atlantic)

AV8OR ACE (GO FLY Atlantic)

  • Large, bright, 7-inch Touch Screen LCD display
  • Sleek form factor simplifies mounting options
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • Flight Guide
  • A “Value Added Platform” fully capable of hosting future applications

Please note: This unit has the Atlantic Database.

The new Bendix/King AV8OR ACE Portable Multifunction Display is based on the highly acclaimed AV8OR Handheld GPS
navigator. Just like the successful AV8OR Handheld unit, the AV8OR ACE has built-in automotive navigation capability,
airborne weather and traffic information (requires separate XM and traffic receivers) and a suite of multimedia tools.
AV8OR ACE gets you to the airport and packs some serious entertainment options along the way.

Own Ship Position On Your IFR Charts
The AV8OR ACE portable MFD offers a large sunlight-readable
7″ display, and is as easy to use as the AV8OR Handheld,
thanks to its touchscreen user interface. The AV8OR ACE
provides detailed geo-referenced FAA charts, qualifying it as a
Class I or Class II EFB (depending on installation). Used in
compliance with FAA guidelines, this makes it possible to leave
your paper charts behind.

Lighten Your Load
The AV8OR ACE display enables pilots to easily read detailed
maps, enroute charts and approach plates. The AV8OR ACE
includes all FAA IFR charts for reference and it even displays
your aircraft position and route on Hi/Lo Enroute Charts,
Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams.

Relax at Your Destination
When you’re not flying or driving, sit back,
relax and listen to music, view pictures,
read an electronic book or watch a movie
with AV8OR ACE’s built-in media players. The
standard 4GB SD card has room to spare
to add your own media library. AV8OR ACE
also includes ports for video input and
audio output.

List Price: $ 1,999.00

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