Ariadne Genomics Announces the Release of PathwayAssist™ 3.0, Biological Pathway Visualization and Analysis Software


ROCKVILLE, MD (PRWEB) November 8, 2004

Ariadne Genomics, Inc. today announced the release of PathwayAssist™ 3.0, desktop software for visualization and analysis of biological pathways. The new software includes a database of 500,000+ molecular interactions for pathway data mining, significantly improved visualization tools, and wizards for data import and export.

The PathwayAssist™ software from Ariadne Genomics’ PathwayStudio™ Suite of products is a state-of-the-art tool for building, analysis, expansion and navigation of biological pathways, gene regulation networks and protein interaction maps. It features the expanded ResNet™ database of over 500,000+ biological interactions extracted from scientific literature using enhanced MedScan™ automated text processing tool. Integrated into PathwayAssist, MedScan™ enables researchers to update pathways with the latest information from scientific literature in real time.     

Combined with new improved data import/export options and enhanced gene expression data analysis functionality, PathwayAssist™ 3.0 has the ability to compare and merge pathways. Additionally, facts can be added to pathways on the fly from input typed by the user.

New visualization features of PathwayAssist™ 3.0 include: advanced layout options (symmetric, hierarchical, direct force, and based on cellular localization), quality resizable pictures of organelles and cell localization compartments, and special shapes for pathway nodes. Pathway viewing has been enhanced with a new magnifier window, schematic graphical representation for large pathways, and grid and node alignment options.

“PathwayAssist™ 3.0 is integrated with several commercial, manually curated pathway databases: PathArt™ from Jubilant Biosys (with over 850 disease and signaling pathways), and Metabolic Vision™ from Integrated Genomics (microbial biochemical pathways)”, said Ilya Mazo, President of Ariadne Genomics. “Integration of the new databases is in line with our goal to provide customers with the comprehensive collection of pathway information that spans across multiple functions and organisms. Demo versions of these databases are available for download with the evaluation copies of PathwayAssist™ 3.0 software from the Ariadne Genomics website.”

PathwayAssist™ 3.0 is available for purchasing from Stratagene worldwide ( , and from INFOCOM in Japan ( For more information about PathwayAssist™ 3.0, visit the Ariadne Genomics website

About Ariadne Genomics

Ariadne Genomics is a Maryland-based company developing systems biology tools for life science research: Seqware™ sequence data management platform, and PathwayStudio™ suite of products, which includes PathwayAssist™, intuitive desktop software for reconstruction, analysis and visualization of biological pathways, MedScan™ TextMiner, an automated scientific text processing tool, and ResNet™, a comprehensive molecular networks database, created by automated extraction of biological facts from the entire PubMed. More on Ariadne Genomics please find at