Are Desktop Pcs Losing Sheen?

Are Desktop Pcs Losing Sheen?

Are Desktop Pcs Losing Sheen?

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Home Page > Computers > Are Desktop Pcs Losing Sheen?

Are Desktop Pcs Losing Sheen?

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Posted: Jan 29, 2010 |Comments: 0


Desktop PCs are the powerful systems made in a form intended for regular use at a single location. Now, using LCD display, small CPU and wireless capability, desktops are also become sleek and small. But after the introduction of devices that are smaller, sleeker, more energy efficient but packed with powerful computing power, the market share of the desktop computer is decreasing.

In last many years, due to advances in software and hardware technology, the concept of personal computer has been changed. Also, with the introduction of tablet PCs, Smartphones, Smartbooks and netbooks, users are now gradually shifting away from the desktop PCs.

It is reported that India has 30 million installed computer base in India and 80% of them are desktops. But, in the 2008-09, 5.5 million desktop PCs were sold as against sale of 1.8 million notebooks and nettops. The notebook sector reports an over 100% surge in sales, whereas desktop sales declined in the period.

Desktop PC vs. Portable PC

The reasons for the un-popularity of desktops over notebooks can be summarized as-

Size: Generally, desktops consist of large CRT monitors, large CPUs and piano like keyboards. Recently, they are replaced by LCD displays, touch-screens, small nettops and wireless keyboard and mouse. But, in spite of so many advances, the laptops excel over the desktops in convergence of so many things in one small briefcase.

After the introduction of ultrathin laptops and small netbooks, the portability and ease of working has increased to a new level. Further, users can now check and forward mails via their Smartphones and even use social networking, see office docs, play HD videos and also use it as normal telephone.

Prices: The price difference between the netbooks and desktops make the competition stiffer. The low prices make the devices suitable for people who are looking for a secondary PC for the home, and also for the first-time PC buyers in emerging markets. They are also appropriate for the people, who require fewer features available on mainstream notebook PC.

New Gadgets: In CES 2010, PC vendors have presented a future look of the PC market. People now prefer netbooks, Smartphones instead of heavy notebooks or desktop PCs. Recently, Apple has unveiled its ‘iPad’ and Google launched its superphone called ‘Nexus One’, which can do multi-tasking. It is expected that the current year will see addition of smartbooks, tablets and superphones in the list to increase the competition against the desktop PCs. Further to this, the new range of ultrathin laptops made the competition stiffer.

Google’s Chrome operating system

Later this year, it is expected that Google will introduce its Chrome operating system, which is targeted at smaller devices, such as nettops and netbooks. At present, many applications work on the Internet or the cloud and the new OS will support apps that run on cloud and boots up in lightning speed. Hence, the new OS will create further downturn to the market of desktop PCs.

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