Arabic Palm OS 3.0-3.3 Localization (Arabic PiLoc) null

Arabic Palm OS 3.0-3.3 Localization (Arabic PiLoc) null
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You are welcome to try also Arabic SlovoEd translation dictionaries:”Arabic-English””Arabic-Russian”Arabic Palm Localization (Arabic PiLoc) provides the localization of Palm OS to Arabic, Farsi (Persian), Pashto and Urdu languages and enables Arabic on-screen keyboard.Please note that Arabic PiLoc localization system has now two current versions: 3.4- for devices with Palm OS 5.0 and higher 1.3- for devices with Palm OS 3.0-3.3If you have Palm OS 5.x based device, please,get an appropriate version here.Arabic PiLoc 1.3 for Palm OS 3.0-3.3 features:Built-in system fonts replacement to add Arabic letters.Two additional Arabic on-screen keyboard layouts.Right-to-left text input.Basic ligatures support (LamAlef and others).&nbspPossibility to change the text alignment in any edit field even during text input.&nbspCorrect work with text that includes both Arabic and English (select operation, cursor positioning, correct work of cut-paste-copy functions).Windows-1256 encoding support.Protection from cycling reset.Special utility PiLoc Monitor allows to configure national language support for each application separately.

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