Aquapilot 3.8E

Aquapilot 3.8E
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is the solution to aquarium maintenance tracking & record keeping. It is always near by when you need it most! All records are safely backed up to your desktop computer when performing a standard Hotsync. Aquapilot’s livestock database keeps a running account of fish and invert purchases with dates of addition and removal. With Aquapilot, you always know the history of your aquarium!All the major water parameters are here! Aquapilot covers freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. All water parameters can be easily and quickly recorded. Checkboxes allow quick recording of the mechanical and chemical filtration servicing and if a gravel wash was performed.Test results can be quickly entered using the drop down menus, Graffiti, or the on screen keyboard.The note section allows you to archive special events. (ie bulb changes, disease treatments, etc)Collected data can be charted to easily identify water quality trends over time.Complete integration with PalmOS To-Do List & Datebook, providing maintenance reminders in advance from 1 day to 6 weeks. All data can be exported to Comma Separated Value (CSV) format for use with Palm or external spreadsheets.

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