Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

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Home Page > Computers > Security > Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

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Posted: Jul 16, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Application Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

By: Jeff

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Article Source: Penetration Testing – Significantly Improve Overall Security

The principal focus of the testing should on the application under test. This means that the vulnerability of the surrounding environment is not under test, is neither under test, nor are for example Internet facing firewalls, except in their relationship to the application. So, it would be suitable for the vendor to confirm that the firewall is configured correctly for this application penetration testing and no unnecessary ports are allowed through.

In recent years, web applications has grown dramatically popular, with organizations converting legacy mainframe and database systems into dynamic web applications using technologies such as PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, Flash and Ruby etc., These applications expose customer information, financial data and other sensitive and confidential data over the Internet and intranet. With the accessibility of such critical data, web application security testing also becomes paramount. Ensuring that web applications are secure is a critical need for companies today.

Companies are providing web applications security assessment that is customized, comprehensive, impartial and periodic security assessment of different types of applications – internally developed, commercially enterprise web applications, open source applications, dynamic web 2.0 application etc. This service provides a well-developed matrix of existing threats, application vulnerabilities, and real-world recommendations to address security weaknesses.

Features of Application Penetration Testing
• Self-Service registration and maintenance of your hosts & applications
• Test scheduling at your convenience
• Automatic test launch based on your schedule directly and remotely
• Email alerts to keep you updated on test progress
• Generation of comprehensive report to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage
• Anytime access to vulnerability test results & remediation reports

Who should conduct penetrate test?
If your organization relies on computer networks and applications for your business, it is recommended to conduct penetration testing that includes:
• Off the shelf products (operating systems, applications, databases, networking equipment etc.)
• Bespoke development (dynamic web sites, in-house applications etc.)
• Wireless (WIFI, Bluetooth, IR, GSM, RFID etc)

iViZ Security allows organizations to drastically improve overall security software and reduce risk to the organization in a way that compliments the web application security infrastructure and process they currently have in place. Application penetration testing is carried out from iViZ Security SOC (Security operations center) remotely over the Internet using our patent-pending technology.

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