Application Hosting Has Many Benefits

Application Hosting Has Many Benefits

Application Hosting Has Many Benefits

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Application Hosting Has Many Benefits

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Posted: Oct 01, 2009 |Comments: 0



In our increasingly “plugged in” and on-the-go age, new technology is allowing many companies to rethink their basic assumptions on software needs.

In the past, a company would have to install a version of a necessary program on each computer in the office.  If you needed to use this program from home, or on the go, you’d need the program installed on your home computer, and have to make an arrangement to share the needed files between the two computers.

This can lead to all sorts of headaches – different settings for different computers, version control issues, and a lack of freedom in accessing your programs and files.

Application Hosting can allow you to use your software anywhere, at any time.

It may be time to consider “Application Hosting”.  You’re probably familiar with hosting your files on a remote server, and Application Hosting takes this concept one step further.

Instead of hosting files, Application Hosting can host entire programs remotely, and all of the settings and files that accompany them.  These applications can be accessed from any computer, anywhere, without any need for special software.  This service can have a huge difference on how your business is run.

Access your programs anywhere, at any time: Your programs are always available, no matter what computer you’re on, or what time you want to access them. Retains your settings no matter where you are: Instead of having multiple versions of a program across multiple computers, now you can have the same settings each time. Always have your files available: In addition to the applications, you’ll always have your files available remotely as well. A computer problem won’t set you back: If a member of your company ever has an issue with their computer, there won’t be any lost productivity.  All of the programs needed to continue are online – the person with the computer issue would simply need to switch to a new computer. Plus, having your files on a remote server is a great way to have everything backed up in case of a problem. Reduced desktop support costs: With one version of the program, hosted in one place, needing support on many individual computers when something goes wrong with a program is a thing of the past.

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Alex Martin
About the Author:

Spirinet Technology Services manages all aspects of IT infrastructure for small businesses across the world. Spirinet is headquartered outside Boston, MA.


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