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Application Hosting

Application Hosting

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Application Hosting

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Posted: Sep 24, 2009 |Comments: 0


To assist with keeping your individual or organizational applications successful, you need to have a flexible, reliable and secure service to manage the application services, storage and hosting. Instead of having to worry about installing a bunch of software in-house, some businesses choose to outsource business applications. A provider of applications services rents out those requested from different businesses.

With the prices of specialized software continually on the rise, the choice of application hosting can be an economically smart decision for any business, but is an especially wise decision for the small to middle sized business. The term “application service provider” (ASP) is that which is used to describe the network through which businesses can acquire computer-based services.

Software as a service and on-demand software refers that model software which ASP’s offer. A business that relies on an ASP for their software needs without having to worry about the high cost or upgrades. A variety of different types of organizations utilize application hosting services, including government agencies, membership organizations and non-profit organizations.

There are a few different types of ASP business forms. A single application, such as timesheet services fall under the functional or specialist ASP. Customers of a particular type, such as optometrist, can get solution packages referred to as vertical market ASP. Quiet an expansive array of solutions is provided through enterprise ASP, while local ASP caters to a limited area and focuses on the small businesses of that area.

When dealing with an application hosting provider an individual or business must remember that the provider owns the software and operates it. The servers that support the software are also owned and maintained by the application host. The internet is the means of acquisition of the information that the application host makes available to the client. Depending on the size and specific needs of your particular organization and the policies of the chosen application hosting provider, billing can be done annually, monthly, or on a per use basis.

There are several other advantages to choosing an application services provide to host your company’s particular applications. Included are such as that the client does not have to worry with the issues of software integration, and application software costs are lower due to them being shared among customers. Experts experienced and focused on management, availability and up-to-date system software keeps the application information within the top of the industry.

Application hosting allows an organization to outsource particular computer applications, while they focus on other business priorities. However, prior to choosing an application service provider you should be knowledgeable of the infrastructure of the ASP and the risk level that could be involved. Also ensure that the ASP has the appropriate level of security to meet the overall needs of your particular organization. Results of dealing with a higher risk ASP could include control of corporate data being lost, damage to corporate image, lack of ability to counter risks, other ASP have accessibility to your corporate data and other means of corporate data being compromised.

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Dhruv Patel
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Dhruv Patel is a happy DreamHost customer. He has a web site to promote DreamHost. Use the DreamHost coupon to get a discount at DreamHost sign up.


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