Apple Desktops- the Most Demanding Computers

Apple Desktops- the Most Demanding Computers

Apple Desktops- the Most Demanding Computers

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Home Page > Computers > Hardware > Apple Desktops- the Most Demanding Computers

Apple Desktops- the Most Demanding Computers

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Posted: Dec 18, 2008 |Comments: 0
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The desktop computers come with the microprocessors and having the great standardised components. The cost of these desktops is very low. So it can be easily afforded by everybody. It is also integrated with expansion slots such as PCI or PCI express. These desktops contain central processing unit (CPU), floppy disk drive and power supply.

It can be easily used where an electrical outlet and space is available. The main part of desktop computers is the motherboard that is connected with other computer accessories such as keyboard, mouse, printer, display screen, DVD ROM and many more that increase the utility and capacity of the computer. There are three categories of desktop computers i.e. desktop computers, workstations and gaming PC’s. The gaming PC is used for playing games.

It is a gaming console that contains a lot of games for playing. The desktop computer can be used at any place such as home or office. Workstations are used to connect multiple computers with Local area network (LAN). There are many famous desktops available in the market like HP Pavilion Series, Gateway DX310 Series, Compaq Presario Series, Lenovo 3000 J series, Apple iMac and more. But Apple desktops are the best computers among the other major desktops. These devices are also integrated with the music and video capabilities.

Apple inc. has introduced a large number of Mac and desktop computers. These products are empowered with latest technologies like Bluetooth, wi-fi and more options. One can store a lot of information and can browse the different websites. The latest desktop of Apple inc. is iMac that supports Mac OS X. It is integrated with 6 MB shared L2 cache at full processor speed. This desktop has a high performance workstation that can run on any software. It has a built-in glossy wide screen that is based on TFT active-matrix crystal display. For the purpose of communication, the device is integrated with Wi-Fi wireless networking. It also has Bluetooth version 2.1 with Enhanced Data rate (EDR) that helps in transferring data to other compatible device within a range of 10 meters.

This desktop is also enriched with high speed Gigabit Ethernet with RJ-45 connector. It comes with stereo speakers and an internal 24 watts digital amplifier. Apple iMac gives the superb quality video playback and a good visual environment. It has a large storage memory up to 2 GB of 800 MHz. This computer is empowered with a serial ATA drive up to 320 GB. The main features of iMac desktop are airport express, Time capsule and Extreme and so on. One can also edit the movies, images and can connect with the Internet easily. In other words, the desktop computers have become the most demanding device among the teenagers. An individual can view photos, listen music, watch movies and many more.

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Nitin Batra
About the Author:

The Author is working for computers for a long time. Currently he is working for providing important information about Latest Acer Laptop, Pen drive Price and other best Laptop products.


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