Apple’s Big Success: Devaluing Everything

Apple’s Big Success: Devaluing Everything
It was while writing SlashGear’s Nintendo 3DS review that it really struck me, the disparity between “traditional” software – whether that’s for your desktop or a game for your console – and the new “app” ecosystem is Apple’s biggest accomplishment. Where once computer software was a $ 40+ boxed product – and where 3DS games, and those for other consoles, are still $ 40+ boxed cartridges – it’s …
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Lies my vendor told me
FRAMINGHAM, 25 MARCH 2011 – Three years ago, a luxury retailer with a growing online business faced a nightmare situation: The order fulfillment service provided by its SaaS vendor for online transactions went down for two days during the critical Christmas season.
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Rob Carrick’s Reader: Gadgets: what you need and what you don’t
Rob Carrick rounds up the best in personal finance reading on the Web
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