APCalc APCalc 4.2

APCalc APCalc 4.2
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Platform: mobile
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Advanced Programmable Calculator – Color or B/W Variables, conditional branching (labels), looping, comparison (==, !=, ), Graphing without programming, base conversion (2-36), financial functions (N, I, PV, FV, PMT), scientific functions, 64 bit floating point, degree/radian modes, programmability, store and recall functions, multiple simultaneous display of results, input prompting, output labels, internal program database, Multiple Instructions per line, and more. Expressions, like: sin(x1) cos(x1 y1) cos(ang2), can be saved and executed as a sequence of expressions (programs). Auto prompting at the first occurance of variable (or variable assignment with =). 27 Scientific Functions 62 APCalc Functions 11 Graphing Functions 5 Financial FunctionsStatistical Functions Base conversions (2-36) Auto Prompting Vars. Single Step Execution Import/Export to MemoPad 108 Progs/Subroutines 108 User Definable Function Keys 64 Program Steps 100 User Registers History Stack (last 32) Var. Popup List (last 30) Assign any program to any Function Key Graphing without programming Choice List Popup Give it a try!Make sure your contact info is correct.

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