Android, iPhone Users Can Edit in Google Docs

Android, iPhone Users Can Edit in Google Docs
Google has unveiled an update to its cloud-based Google Docs service that will let users of selected mobile devices edit work files. The new service, rolling out over the next few days for English-language users around the world, is compatible with Android-based handsets running Froyo version 2.2 as well as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Apple iOS version 3 or higher.
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Google marries Profiles and Places with new recommendation service, HotPot
Google on Monday unveiled a new service called Hotpot which marries Google Places with Google Profiles to try to provide more accurate recommendations when searching for physical destinations such as local restaurants and businesses.
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Google and Apple looking to introduce NFC capable smartphones
Don’t blink, because Near Field Communications (NFC) might soon become a household term before you know it. NFC is a wireless communication technology that when integrated with a smartphone enables users to pay for goods simply by waving their device over a payment pad – and it appears that Google and Apple are both looking to include it in future smartphones Don’t blink, because Near Field …
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