Android 3.0 Honeycomb new feature breakdown (with screenshots)

Android 3.0 Honeycomb new feature breakdown (with screenshots)
In a small sign that Android 3.0 is nearing release, Google has created a preview page and SDK for Honeycomb (its internal codename) developers. Digging around, some coders even found the new logo (seen above).
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New All-In-One, Portable Workstation from NextComputing Enables Desktop Computing, On the Go
NextComputing, a leading provider of portable and small footprint workstations and servers, announces its newest portable workstation, the Radius EX. Offering true desktop-class computing performance in a transportable, all-in-one design, the Radius EX is an ideal platform for running high-end software applications outside of a typical office environment or in multiple locations.
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KDE releases ‘elegant’ 4.6 desktop, apps
Version 4.6 of the KDE Software Compilation has been released with many optimisations that promise to make it the most elegant desktop and mobile interface thus far.
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