And Then There Was One (Laptop)

And Then There Was One (Laptop)
compaq desktop computers
Image by cogdogblog
Now that is a clean desktop! Over the weekend, I used the OS X migration assistant to move my files and music (a paltry 6 Gb) from the old iBook (vintage 2003) to a separate user account on my MacBook Pro.

I have gone from Three laptops down to two, and now…. one. If you never see another post here, you will know I have taken the next step!

This means my life is organized neatly into one computer and no more stuffing two laptops (and power supplies) into the bag for a trip to the office in Strawberry.

Where is the old Compaq PC? I erased it with Darik’s Boot and Nuke and left it for a donation at the Pine Arizona Senior Center Thrift Store…. it barely hit the table and someone snagged it for .

The G3 iBook still has some life in it. For my wife and I it is our "living room" laptop for quickly looking up movies at IMDb and so she can check email (her office has one of those PC tower boxes).

Living simply, indeed!