‘An Isolated Storm’ Australia, Darwin Harbor

‘An Isolated Storm’ Australia, Darwin Harbor
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Image by WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com)
The clouds in Northern Australia are absolutely amazing. They might be one of the most memorable impressions left in my mind after spending a week in the Outback. I love shooting landscapes and even more so when huge cumulus clouds populate the sky above. These tranquil white mountains in the sky always add to the dramatic personality of a landscape. These clouds add a perfect dramatic touch to the Outback highlighting its vast and unending landscape. It’s daunting to be standing on the edge of an escarpment and look out and see nothing but barren land as far as the eye can see. These large clouds that form over the glistening Indian Ocean serve as a temporary relief to the extreme heat and sunlight experienced in the Outback. This particular shot was taken from Darwin looking out on the ocean.

I met quite a few people in Darwin and I heard from more than one person about Bear Gylles recent excursion into the Outback. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a former British Special Forces officer who now hosts a survival show series called ‘Man Vs. Wild’. He prides himself on being an elite survival specialist, able to handle any worst case scenario in the wild. In a recent interview with a local Darwin radio, he expressed no hesitation when stating the Outback was one of his top three hardest places to survive. After experiencing the extremities of the Outback, I agree with Bear.

TIP – Most people who use the HDR technique know about masking. I’ve always used masking and it’s essential to HDR. What I didn’t know is that when you mask layers together there are different types of blending modes. It’s as if your exposures are the product and the masking is the application method. I was formerly only using one type of masking method when it turns out there’s more than just normal. There’s darken, screen, multiply, overlay…. the list goes on. It’s opened a new door for me.

I’m currently traveling the world. I have an HDR Travel Blog where I post daily photos if you’re interested in following me. The site is www.LostManProject.com. I’m currently in Melbourne Australia after a few weeks in the outback (Darwin and Alice Springs). Cheers from the land down under.