All About The Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

All About The Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

All About The Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

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Home Page > Business > Presentation > All About The Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

All About The Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer

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Posted: Mar 07, 2010 |Comments: 0


One ways to make anything printed item stand out is by using a foil printer. Foil adds a high-class look to anything it touches and it can really enhance both personal and professional items. One of the best foil printers available is the Force 10. This is a printer that’s compatible with most personal computers and it offers some truly remarkable printing capabilities. Here’s all you need to know about this great product, including what it can be used for.

Use it for just about anything. The Force 10 can be used for a variety of applications. Such as…

Books and photographs. Foil printing looks fantastic on the covers of photo albums (especially ones that chronicle weddings), yearbooks, and diaries. It can also personalize your personal photographs and make professional prints stand out.

Personal and professional documents. You want your documents to look great and foil printing is one way to do so. It would add a eye-catching touch to business plans, marketing proposals, and self-published works.

Advertising. If you use advertising specialty items, foil printing can make people remember you and your products. You can use the Force 10 to print on objects such as magnets, cards, calendars, and more.

Terrific printing capabilities. The Force 10 does a beautiful job every time it’s used. It offers a fantastic resolution of 300 x 600 dots per inch (DPI). This machine can print designs and text that measure up to 2.24″ wide by 10″ long, and it has a printing speed of 1 inch per minute. This device can print on a lot of different materials such as paper, leather, and plastic. Plus, the ink itself is environmentally friendly so you’ll enjoy the way it looks without feeling guilty.

Desktop convenience. Despite all its bells and whistles, the Force 10 is, at heart, a desktop printer. It’s fully compatible with operating systems such as Windows Vista and XP, and various software programs like InDesign. It can be hooked up to your PC via its USB port. This machine has dimensions of 13″ (width) x 15″ (height) x 14″ (depth) so it can sit right beside the PC without taking up your entire desk. It weighs 45 pounds so moving it around won’t be too big of an issue. And the printer is also easy to use so you won’t need to spend an entire workday figuring it out.

It can save you money. The Force 10 is a print-on-demand device. That means you can eliminate the need to outsource your printing to an expensive print shop. You also won’t need to deal with custom dies, which will wind up saving you a lot of money.

Using the Force 10 Digital Flatbed Foil Printer is a great way to make anything stand out. It’s as easy to use and set up as a standard ink-jet printer, plus it consistently does a great job. You can use it for almost anything you can imagine, plus it’s small enough to sit right on your desk and it will save you money. Get the Force 10 today so you can see for yourself just how great it can be.

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Jeff McRitchie
About the Author:

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