Airport Insight (AFD) 2.16

Airport Insight (AFD) 2.16
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Now compatible with Palm OS 5!Airport Insight is the first andbest Palm-compatible airport guide and directory for pilots!It features complete frequency and runway information, navaid and ILS data, runway layout diagrams, and more. It also includes a conduit which allows you to sync data for as few or as many of the thousands of civilian and military airports in the United States to your Palm.Brand new with v2.x, AirportInsight will also let you storethe database on an SD or CF card,or Memory Stick media. If you havea HandEra 330, Palm m500/m505, Sony Clie N610/N710/N760, or otherdevice with support for expansionmemory media, this feature is foryou!Additionally, Airport Insight data is updated every fifty six days and can be safely used for flight planning tasks! Data updates are halfwhat the other applications cost – a fullyear’s worth of updates is just$24.99.Other features include :Bearing & Distance ComputationCompute great-circle distances and headings, along with time enrouteand groundspeed information betweenany two airports in the database.Great for those “what if?” scenarios!Runway Layout DiagramsGives you a graphical representation ofthe airport and helps you visualizethe approach!Crosswind and Pattern CalculatorComputes headwind/crosswind components along with pattern entry and headings for any runway.Density Altitude ComputationComputes density altitude – great forthose hot summer days!Waypoint DataHandy for entering data into a non-aviation GPS! Includes identifier,lat/lon, elevation, and more.

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