Affordable Gaming Desktop PC’s from MO Customs MO Customs was founded by two people who believe that the customer should get the best deal not the company. MO Customs delivers powerful systems which are high on quality at very affordable prices. Each of computers we have manufactured has been custom built to our customers’ specifications. With our large economic backing we scour the world to bring you the best quality components from the best brands, such as Intel, AMD, Corsair and ASUS and because of our position in the market we can buy our items in bulk passing the savings on to you. When using our customer friendly and surprisingly easy-to-use website you’ll see how we concentrate our efforts around you and in turn provide an excellent service, price and after sales technical support. We hope that by the time you’ve decided what computer you wish to purchase we’ve helped you learn a little more about what exactly your computer will contain and what you should be able to achieve with it so that you not only enjoy your new computer, but you also fully understand it! http What Are The Benefits of Choosing MO Customs Computers? – MO Customs Computers is an established business – we are now in our 3rd year of trading and openly display a live SSL Security check on our website, which uses data partners such as Comodo. – We are one of the select few companies in the UK who are an official IntelĀ® Channel Partner. This demonstrates that we are actually one of the larger computer manufacturers in the UK
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