Advertisements and a World Record Attempt


Vienna, Austria (PRWEB) January 24, 2006

A 35 year old entrepreneur today started, and announced his intention to set a world record for the number of ads on a single web page.

What may sound like a joke really has a serious background. According to Web application developer Thomas Winischhofer, there are two intentions behind “I hope not only sets a world record, but that it also generates enough capital for developing web applications. The idea came about because it’s not that easy to find investors in Europe who are willing to put forth the venture capital for Web application development. I have a lot of potential application projects in the works, they just need the proper funding to make them become reality,” said Winischhofer.

In order to make the official world record, Winischhofer is offering ad space on for per pixel. “I’m aiming at about 10000 ads. This ad space is valuable online real estate in that it will be on-line for at least 5 to 10 years. Once an image is placed on the site, it’ll remain unchanged. Compared to an ad in a newspaper, this is an eternity,” said Winischhofer.

According to Winischhofer,’s simple Web site design is set up to focus people’s attention on the ads, not on the frames surrounding them. For additional information, visit


Thomas Winischhofer

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