Advantages Of Using The Remote Desktop Solutions

Advantages Of Using The Remote Desktop Solutions

Advantages Of Using The Remote Desktop Solutions

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Advantages Of Using The Remote Desktop Solutions

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Posted: Nov 09, 2010 |Comments: 0


The modern workforce is not about sitting on the desk and doing the regular eight hour job. It is about being able to work anywhere, anytime and still get things done. The modern workforce also has realized the importance of work life balance and hence prefers to have the option of working from home on some days. When posed with all these new demands, most companies need to find an alternative to deliver the ideal working conditions to their employees. This is where the remote desktop solutions become invaluable.

The remote desktop is a solution in which the personal desktop of the employee can be accessed remotely. Every employee has a customised desktop where they store their useful information. They are so used to it that not working on their machine could even bring down their productivity. With this unique solution, the employee can access their desktop regardless of their location. Why would an employee want to work away from the office? One logical reason could be some important work at home. Whenever an employee have some residential work, they would need to skip office; this is encouraged too as they need to strike a balance between work and life. But when an employee needs to stay back, they need not take a day off. With this innovative solution they can be productive from their homes too. This is great way for the company to ensure that regular work is not affected due to personal commitments of the employees. Besides home issues, many times the employees could waste a lot of time travelling too. This is very true for the sales people. Traditionally there was a term called the suitcase time used with most orders. This was the time in which the contract was enclosed in the suitcase of sales person waiting for processing. Through these solutions, the suitcase time can be eliminated. The salesperson can immediately start working on processing the contract.

Typically these desktop solutions are run over secure connections like the VPN service. This means that there are multiple levels of authentication available with this solution. As a result, none of the company information would get compromised. This was an important reason why many companies never allowed employees to take work home; but any more. The employees can now choose their place of work. They can work from home, office or even from a coffee shop if they want to. This flexibility helps them give their best in their jobs too. It is not just the employees who get to work on their terms and conditions, but also the employers who can make decent monetary savings. With remote access, majority of the workforce can work from home or some other remote place regularly. This means lesser inventory, lesser real estate and lesser maintenance costs for the company.

In conclusion, the changing business dynamics mean that employees need to start becoming more mobile to deliver the best results. As the employee priorities and preferences change the company needs to adapt to give them the best working conditions. The remote desktop solution fits the bill perfectly in this case.

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The Writer is a IT services consultant who often publishes industry news stories dedicated to <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””>RMM solutions</a> field.


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