Accounting and Application hosting service

Accounting and Application hosting service

Accounting and Application hosting service

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Accounting and Application hosting service

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Posted: Nov 17, 2010 |Comments: 0




The inertia of application hosting service is bringing a revolution in accounting software. Industry leaders like Sage, Intuit, CCH, Thomson Reuters and Microsoft are already shifting to a model which has a healthy balance of locally installed applications and hosted services, commonly known as software plus services.

Such a model uses the cloud for reach and flexibility and locally installed applications for depth of features. To say that on premise software is dying because of cloud would be overstating the cause. After all, people still use landlines and listen to radio stations. In all probability the small business market will still be dominated by on-premise software in the near future and will only be complemented by the hosted services.

Although the usage of the on-premise software will change significantly, this is what happens every time a new technology comes in, isn’t it? The old technology finds another purpose and then another until it becomes completely outdated but some like radio never really go out of the picture.

A revolution in the way clients interact with the accountants is due because of the new technologies at hand.

Both the parties will have access to the same user interface thus the same data, and with tools like web-cam and videoconferencing the whole grammar of the interaction is in for a change. Its not that face-to-face interaction will finish but nature and the purpose of these interactions are in for a change.

Experts are noting a new trend, instead of preferring one application for all business issues; businesses are starting to prefer specialized application and services for specific tasks.

There are services like Sage BillingBoss/PaymentsBoss, FreshBooks, SmartVault, BigTime by Edison’s Attic, and which allows you to manage the information from anywhere and then integrate it with the accounting software.

Try billing and collecting an invoice through these services and you will see how much easier your life can become with these applications. They are very simple and can send invoices in any format, and the client is also happy because he can pay the bill online with a credit card instead of writing and mailing a check. There are many other places where these applications are remarkable.

Web based applications have become somewhat common now, but the new trend now is to host applications on a third party server rather than the local network. CCH’s next generation platform offers hosted application and Thomson Reuters has offered its CS suite applications in a hosted environment. The best part of these applications is that you can run the application locally or from the hosted server. If you keep proper backups of your data then you can switch between hosted and on-premise application whenever you want to, what this does is that it gives you the best of both the worlds. In this way users can work from remote sites until they and their clients are back in their office.

Besides these publishers many companies like Real Time Data Services and Right Networks are hosting applications like Peachtree, Quick books etc. The best part about the services offered by these companies is that you can have access to your software from anywhere but your data will still be stored in one secured location, which will be a third party server whose maintenance is completely in the hands of the company you have hired to host the application for you.

Most hosting companies are also offering to host your complete server. What this does is it completely eliminates the need to have a separate IT department for your business which not only is a huge cost saver but also saves your time, energy and resources. Every application hosting service provider gives a guarantee with his services which means if there is a glitch in the server the issue will be tackled by them and some companies also walk an extra mile and help you figure out your installed software too. In my personal experience for many small businesses security requirements such as PCI-DSS, the IRS regulations under IRC §7216, HIPAA, and other laws and regulations involved in maintaining a full fledged network is in itself a good enough reason to host their whole server.

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About the Author:

William smith is IT analyst at Real Time Data Services. The company is major Cloud Hosting service provider with specialization in accounting, tax and CRM application hosting. The company is the largest ” target=”_blank”>QuickBooks hosting service provider in the cloud environment. Peachtree, MyOb and ACT! CRM are also hosted by the company in the cloud environment.

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