Desktopize provides your users with direct access to your web-application from their desktop. Avoid the clutter of browsers and browser-tabs by giving your web-application the appearance and usability of a desktop-application.

This comes in the form of a fully branded, tiny, downloadable installer.

Add-on packages include:

  • WhatsUp — User/Install tracking system. Provides information and statistics on user/install base.
  • Notificati — System for controlling and deploying real-time notifications to active users.
  • Piggyback — Merge your own executable modules into Desktopize’s installer, allowing for enhancements to your downloadable client.

Did you say Free?

We’ve decided to make Desktopize free for as many people as possible. You must be a company or individual, developing a non-profit web-application. In such a case, we will happily provide you with your own Desktopize client.

The free version still has a 3D3R Desktopize logo, and comes with no support, maintenance & warranty.

Commercial use:

If you’re making money from your web-application, or if you want Desktopize for something completely different, we have a comfortable pricing plan for rolling out Desktopize. This plan includes full-branding, support, maintenance, warranty and the ability to purchase any of Desktopize’s add-on packages.