About asp.net and php web hosting plan?

Question by ProDudeAk: About asp.net and php web hosting plan?
I am learning asp.net and want to build the web applications using asp.net.
I am a newbie and know very less about allthese things.

I want to know how much in general i have to pay to buy a web hosting plan for asp.net?
Is is the same for php and java?
I heard php is free and dont need a web hosting plan…..
plz help me..
thank u in anticipation….
Sorry , I didnt mention the complete details……
i know html ,css well and have developed some STATIC webpages for my college work
i know c++ and learning the C# basic concepts and now looking forward to use asp.net for web applications
i musing ms visual web devloper as of now to practise asp.

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Answer by Kunal
I’d suggest you to start with things that are simpler like HTML,CSS and javascript and then move on to PHP and ASP let alone ASP.NET

Programming knowledge of C/C++ will also help to some extent as some of the concepts (especially logical concepts) are same.Now,I suggested this only because I didn’t see you mention it anywhere that you already have knowledge of these scripting/programming languages.

However,if you wish to dive in straight (which is not recommended),then to answer your questions

Web hosting plans are free as well as paid.PHP is an open source,not sure if ASP is the same.I thought its Microsoft’s proprietary (means you have to pay)

If you are just getting started then practice it on a local host (your own computer will host your site locally).I use Xampp to do this.Documentation of the software will get you through the rest of the procedure.

I then got myself a free web hosting account after I played around with it on my PC.Just google free php web host plans and select the one you see fit.

Java is entirely different.Its a programming language that comes on the category of something like C++.These are very powerful (and complex) programming languages that are used to program softwares and games.In case you wish to learn them,I’d suggest google for “c++ online tutorials” or youtube has many videos that are excellent.Its way better than paying huge amount of fees to classes where they teach little while you can learn it for free over the internet and as per your convenience.

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