A Zebra Label Printer Works For Every Occasion

A Zebra Label Printer Works For Every Occasion

A Zebra Label Printer Works For Every Occasion

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Home Page > Business > A Zebra Label Printer Works For Every Occasion

A Zebra Label Printer Works For Every Occasion

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Posted: Mar 13, 2009 |Comments: 1
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If you are unsure of what type of label printer would be best for you, it can be advantageous to have a look at the market leader. If a brand is the most widely known, has the largest market share and is well thought of in industry circles, it is clearly doing something right and should be considered as possible choice for your printing needs. Along with popularity, the printer’s product line should offer a wide and varied range of subsidiary and complimentary products to complement your specific print requirements and enable you to create outstanding labels. The name of the label printer with the leading market share is the Zebra printer.

Many manufacturers make several types of label printers, each with unique features that make them perfect for specific label printing tasks. A Zebra label printer offers an absolutely astonishing array of label printers that leaves competing manufacturers far behind in terms of variety, pinpointing specific machines for certain print tasks and environments and for overall choice to the end user. From mobile printing in lightweight, small footprint models to more substantial desktop models, from specialized photo, RFID or industrial printing, Zebra printers can do the job handily.

Each Zebra label printer fits into one or more of the following categories:

• Mobile printing. Zebra label printers in the MZ series feature tiny footprints, power options for recharging in cars or battery rechargers. Both the QL series and the RW series are slightly more expensive, with larger profiles, unique features and better components. All mobile Zebra label printers produce excellent thermal print output.

• Desktop printing. The LP and TLP desktop printers offer faster printing, optimized components and designs for continuous use, various interface connection options to personal computers and specially developed label software.

• Photo printing. Zebra’s R680 Professional Color Photo Printer is the company’s single offering for photo printing and is not used to print labels. Printing photos is a complex process involving sensitive inks and precise alignments. The R680 is ideal for a wide range of photo printing tasks.

• RFID printing. The R402 is specifically designed to print labels with embedded RFID chips in them for wireless tracking of products and other items. Although the technology has only recently begun to come into its own, the R402 is solidly engineered and constructed to give years of service.

• Industrial printing. Zebra has several industrial label printing machines – including the SL, S4M, ZM and XiIII models for heavy continuous output and blazingly fast print speeds. Zebra industrial printers all have heavy duty components and long useful lifetimes as production printer.

Label King (http://www.labelking.co.uk) is proud to offer the full line of Zebra printers for your consideration. Label King’s friendly staff and personalized service make your printer purchasing experience quite positive. Along with the outstanding prices and service on every printer they sell, Label King is committed to helping you select the quality and style of printer that is perfect for your intended use. If you have any questions about which Zebra label printer might be the best choice for your label printing needs, visit the website today.

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Jackie Johnson
About the Author:

Label King is your one stop shop for all Label products, from consumer handhelds to industrial labelling and pretty much everything in between. For more information on a zebra label printer visit http://www.labelking.co.uk.


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