A Dear Google Love Letter!

A Dear Google Love Letter!

A Dear Google Love Letter!

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Home Page > Business > A Dear Google Love Letter!

A Dear Google Love Letter!

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Posted: Sep 20, 2009 |Comments: 0


I have a confession to make; I am deeply in love with Google.  Even before I started my business back in October 07, I had a serious crush on Google Search.

These days my feelings have deepened to the extent that I have Google Desktop loaded at all times with up to date information. There is not a day when I don’t have my Gmail sitting in my system tray ready to go.  Google Hubs is probably my favorite place to send my stories and articles and who doesn’t I Google?

I try to write a hub, at least once a week.  I use Google Search daily, either to find something or someone, or to check on my keywords.  I love the latest keyword research tools Google have brought out recently.  I’m sure they were made for me. They make my life so much easier.

I don’t think my business could run without Google, in fact, I don’t think I would want it to.  So I am eternally grateful to know it is always there, but I fear that although I dearly love Google, and cannot get by without it, Google doesn’t return my affections and that hurts me deeply.

Why do I believe that?

Well, I used to have an Adsense account, in fact I still have it but it is suspended due to an outstanding requirement.  Google wants me to provide them with my bank account details and that is more than reasonable.  The trouble is I have already given them my bank details.

Google knows that and they confirm it every time I try to re-add the details.  A message pops up to say that they already have the details.  So what’s the problem?  The problem is that Google will not let me use the account until they get my bank account details….

I know what you’re thinking; Why don’t I just contact them.  Well, I’m not the only person who loves Google, they have many other suitors and they cannot devote individual time to one love struck fan like me.  For that they have a fan club, which is called The Forum.  Again I feel a little rejected.  In the Forum, nobody will talk to me about my problem, at least not anyone who can offer a suggestion, even less, a solution. So what do I do?

I am primarily a writer.  I write articles, Blog entries, Hubs, reports, press releases, email letters, forum comments, ads, social commentary and bookmark comments.  Writing is probably 95% of what I do.  I don’t use outside sources.  All my writings are original works.

When I promote my business, I use only my own personal content and these days, it is devoted mostly to the book My Own Plan by Kirsten Plotkin. This is a book I recently published on the internet.  Again the book contains content known only to me.  It is based on a discovery I made five years ago which led me to a permanent weight loss solution, without a diet or calorie control.

On paper, surely I am a perfect match for Google, if only they would notice me!

Because I am such a prolific writer, Adsense is a very important stream of income for me, which I have now missed out on for a really long time.  I cannot even access the money owed to me because…Well, to pay me, Google needs my bank account details.

So this is my last ditch attempt to get Google to notice me and take pity on me.  I really am a very nice person, who just hopes to have her affections and her Adsense returned to normal.

With love and affection,

Kirsten Plotkin


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Kirsten Plotkin
About the Author:

Kirsten Plotkin is the author of a new book called My Own Plan. It deals with a discovery she made five years ago which led to a permanent solution to her weight problem. The book explains how we have gone from a vast majority of slim people, thirty years ago, to sixty percent of overweight people today. Kirsten has based her book on five years personal research and experience, using herself as a test case. The book proves how you can get permanent weight loss, without a diet, without exercise and without hunger pains.
More about the book:
Email: kirstenplotkin@my-own-plan.com
Kirsten Plotkin
Author of My-Own-Plan,


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