7 ways remote desktop software can make your life easier

7 ways remote desktop software can make your life easier

7 ways remote desktop software can make your life easier

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Home Page > Technology > 7 ways remote desktop software can make your life easier

7 ways remote desktop software can make your life easier

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Posted: Jan 18, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Remote control software allows a user to access a specific computer from any location in the world through any other computer or smartphone with internet access. All that is required for the connection to be made is for both devices to be loaded with the same remote access program. This article will take a look at 7 ways in which this software can make your computing experience easier, richer and less stressful.

1)      You forgot your homework – If you brought home an important file or project and spent hours refining and perfecting it, only to forget to bring it with you the next day, you may want to consider investing in remote control software. Simply log-in to your home computer and download the forgotten file to your current computer….problem solved. The same goes for a video or music file you may want to watch on the go or show to a friend. Log in and in seconds you will have access to any and all of the files on your home rig.

2)      Someone needs tech support – Have to talk someone through a potentially difficult and time consuming computer operation? Don’t waste time with a fumbling explanation, just take over and execute. Remote control software allows you to take over another person’s computer and quickly solve their problem without wasting time trying to walk them through it.

3)      You need a specific program – Sometimes we need quick access to a program that our work computer just does not or cannot run. By logging into your home computer with remote software you can work with any file in any program you want across either computer. You will no longer be limited by the compliance or hardware limitations of your work or other long distance computer.

4)      Storage space in a snap – Do you need a few extra emergency gigabytes of storage but don’t have the room?  If storage space ever becomes an emergency issue, remote software can be used to facilitate file transfers and offloads. Don’t let the size limitations of your secondary system compromise your productivity. Just dump extra files to your home system and free up all the space you need.

5)      Keep an eye on the situation – A remote connection to a webcam enabled computer can become an instant surveillance tool. Logging in to your system remotely gives you access to all the programs that system is running. If video surveillance is among them, you now have yourself a remote video surveillance tool. This software can help you keep an eye on construction workers, pets, babysitters or property cheaply and easily.

6)      Bypass security limitations – Many times users find themselves in a setting where important websites cannot be accessed due to security settings. Bypassing these settings can mean the difference between accomplishing a task and falling just short. Using remote access software a user can simply login into and take control of their home computer and complete their goal without being at the mercy of a single machine.

7)      Compute on the go – By installing remote software on a home computer and a mobile device, users can recreate the home experience in the palm of their hand. Resolution may be lowered and performance may take a hit, but a complete representation of your home computer on your smartphone is not a promise of the future, it is a reality of today.

These 7 examples are only the beginning of what is possible with remote desktop software. Whether you are using it to enhance your work performance or simply facilitate a richer digital experience, remote software is certainly an affordable and convenient way to vastly improve your ability to play and work more efficiently.

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About the Author:

This article was written by Michael Spooner on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your pc remote access, remote access, and remote control software needs.


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