! 3D Blockout 5.18

! 3D Blockout 5.18
Category: Action Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


The only three-dimensional falling blocks game for Palm OS. Palm OS 5 Enhanced: High-Res 320×320 3D Graphics, WAV Sound Effects, 5-way control. Supports any PalmOS from 3.0. COLOR & GRAY SCALE. Special support for Treo 600. High-Res 240×240 on Handera 330.The player must place 3D pieces by translations and rotations in order to fill an entire floor (layer) of the 3D pit, then it is removed and the blocks above are dropped down. The falling speed increases on every 100 cubes been dropped. When there is no space to drop a new piece, the game ends.Good reasons to try 3D Blockout: * If you simply have a handheld – This game looks & plays great on both Color & Gray Scale devices. Enjoy the high-quality 3D arcade action! If you have a new Treo 600 smartphone or Tungsten T, T2, T3, C, Zire71, Clie or any other High-Res PDA with min. PalmOS 5.0 – This game is the only Palm game that really use it: High-Res 320×320 3D Graphics The coolest WAV sound effects 5-way control Smooth 3D Animation to benefit from the enhanced ARM processor powerseparate version, optimized for Treo 600 smartphones* The price of $13.95 is an introductory price for ver. 5.0. All furure updated will be FREE for the registered users.Real-Time Fulfillment registration! You will receive the unlock code immediately after purchasing this software.Fully configurable: pit’s dimensions, blocks difficulty, falling speed ….. everything!Features: 45 separate games, Shadow on the ground for easy navigation, Next piece preview, Full and Small screen, Black or White background. Control with the stylus or hard buttons. “Blockout” is a registered trademark of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., used by permission for this Palm OS application. This USA company produces hands-on sets of polycubes since 1980.(http://www.gamepuzzles.com)Try more games by PDA3Dware.com: ver. 5.18 ( Nov. 17, 2003) added special version for Treo600 smartphones – low-res graphics with all other benefits of the PalmOS5 version;new navigation features – if the rotation/translation is impossible because of the neighbor cubes, 3D Blockout now shows one of the intersected cubes in yellow to give you information how to get out of there;you can use the whole screen as a big toolbar with fat buttons. Tap on the arrow in the upper right corner to see screen map. ver. 5.0 update (June, 5 2003)This release is focused on everything you ever dreamed about this game :)) now fully supports: Tungsten, Zire devices (PalmOS 5.x), hires Sony Clie devices (both OS 4.x, 5.x) etc., any other PalmOS starting from OS 3.0; OS 5 Enhanced Features: High-Resolution 320×320 Graphics, WAV Sound Effects, Smooth 3D Animation (Advanced Prefs) which is possible because of the faster ARM processors of the new PalmOS devices, 5-way control (tap Advanced | Controls to set-up). All these features are available into the separate version for PalmOS 5.x devices. High-Res Icon; New attractive UI; Improved Gameplay & Controls: ability to switch clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation (New toolbar button added); when you drop down the 3D piece you have some time to move it on the floor; new Hard&Silk Buttons Set. Tap the screen during the game for help; Finally a Left Handed Toolbar (tap Advanced | Controls to set-up); New Scoring Algorithm to indicate the exact progress of your skills; Volume Control (Advanced Prefs); HTML-alike build-in Help. Please read it for details about all new features above; Real-time order fulfillment. The unlock code will be sent to you immediately after purchasing this software.For the full list of updates, please refer to the included docs.

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