20030925 – USPS – my computer on my desktop on my computer on my desktop

20030925 – USPS – my computer on my desktop on my computer on my desktop
business desktop computer
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
This was one of my ironic masterpieces: Having this be set as the desktop on the very computer pictured in this.

So imagine, if you will, sitting in this chair, and seeing this exact same image as your desktop.

Notice how I’ve placed "My Computer"(*) on my computer. This means my computer is on my desktop, while that same desktop is on my real computer that is on my real desktop — hence the title.

I’ve also put "Recycle Bin" (not that I use it) down by where my trash can is.

And where did I played the "Network Neighborhood"(*) icon? Right on top of the ethernet wires, of course — where the real network is. So my network is on my network 🙂

I also placed my lone nameless(**) desktop folder on top of my spare paper reams over my desk, where it just kind of fits.

Also, in 5 years, the programs I use have changed so much. Windows XP instead of Windows 2000. Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Gmail instead of Outlook. Irfranview instead of ThumbsPlus. Photoshop instead of Fireworks. No more TrayMan (XP covers that functionality). No more WeatherBug (Ad-Ware!). And no need for a 4-desktop pager when I now work in 1920×1080. The only thing that’s consistent is 4NT and Winamp. Why change the few things that are pretty much perfect?

(*) I rename "My Computer" to the machine’s name (which was Clint) in all caps with spaces in between them. This is a practice I adopted from my days of analog TV out with blurry letters. I also rename "Netowork Neighborhood" to simply "N E T" for similar reasons. The whole ‘neighborhood’ crap is pandering to morons. Normally I change "Recycle Bin" to "T R A S H" but I hadn’t done that here yet.

(**)My folder has no name because names are only to distinguish, and I choose to only have one folder. Rather than call it "stuff", I believe I used a hard-space (hold down alt and type 255 on the numpad) instead. It’s the closest thing to pretending to be blank that exists.

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United States Postal Service, business, L’Enfant Plaza, Washington D.C.

September 25, 2003.

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