12 Free Completely Pointless But Fun Windows Applications

Have a problem? Ask in the forum: www.mob3.co.uk or the live chat: www.mob3.co.uk Here I show you some totally useless applications for your windows desktop. Mousotron: www.blacksunsoftware.com Desktop Destruction: brianx.com Cypet: www.softpedia.com Pinball Score Editor: www.blumentals.net InvertMouse: www.softpedia.com Computer Coercion: www.softpedia.com Bill Gates Eyes: www.softpedia.com MadLiveClock: www.softpedia.com Crawler Fun Ball: www.download.com Yippee: www.softpedia.com Canned Laughter Box: wareseeker.com Vista Upgrade Prank: www.softpedia.com