10+ ways to improve your mobile computing experience

10+ ways to improve your mobile computing experience
From smartphones to iPads to netbooks and high-powered laptops, our mobile options have gone through the roof. But not everyone is using the devices to their full advantage. Deb Shinder offers practical advice for getting more from mobile computing.
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Use an old Mac as a backup server
If you have a houseful of Macs and at least one that’s a little long in the tooth, put it to work as a backup server.
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Can a Plain Old PC Beat Google TV and Apple TV?
Google TV and Apple TV would have you believe “…we are now controlling the transmission … the horizontal and the vertical…” in a pitch scraped straight from the intro to “The Outer Limits.” But controlling the transmission, they’re not. At least not yet. What viewers have now is an extremely fragmented space wherein only a few pieces can be viewed from any given content channel.
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