1: Gateway LT2110u

1: Gateway LT2110u

1: Gateway LT2110u

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Home Page > Shopping > 1: Gateway LT2110u

1: Gateway LT2110u

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Posted: Jun 03, 2010 |Comments: 0


Gateway LT2110u

Gateway LT2110u
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This little netbook works great for what I need it for, and is a very good value for the price. I’ve had it for a few weeks and haven’t run into any problems or frustrating issues with the machine or the OS. 

For me, this is a great product to buy cheap and accessorize with other pieces to make it more usable. For example, I’ve added a DVD/CD burner drive, a secondhand monitor for home use (the little screen sometimes leaves me wishing for more space to view websites, etc) and an external hard drive for music. Even with all of that, it still comes out much less expensive than many alternatives. And it fits in my handbag. 

The long battery life is terriffic. I’d recommend this product to anyone on a budget who needs a computer for all the basics but not much more.


Yes! we have “Gateway LT2110u”. You can Buy Gateway LT2110u In Stock. Lowest Prices on Gateway LT2110u Shops & Purchase Online – Buy today you Save BIG!

CheapestGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life

Great Machine!!!

I just returned my Toshiba NB-205 and exchanged it for this. I had bought the Toshiba based on all of the positive reviews. This machine had a lot of positisives, but not as many as others. I figured since Acer owns Gateway, and Acer makes nice low cost laptops, this had to be a winner. Well, all I have to say is that this is way better. Yes it does have the new Intel n450 chipset and all the great features. I got the one with the 250 GB HD. This thing is extremely quick and compact. I keep the power settings at balanced and get great performance and battery life.I do switch it to high performance and get a boost in overall speed. Windows 7 Starter is not bad and gets the job done. Win 7 Premium would be nicer, but I can dealwith it.I just ordered a 2GB memory module, however it does surprizingly well with 1GB. Compared to the Toshiba, it is like night and day. It is better looking,has stereo speakers (and yes you can hear them) the audio is excellent. It handles video with no problem(720p). Netflix streaming is great, video and audio quality is excellent. Wifi is fast. I wish it had bluetooth, but i got a tiny BT dongle for .oo and it works great (Dealextreme). The laptop looks great, keyboard is a bit cramped, but no different than any other netbook. I thought about getting an Ipad, but then realized how limited it is compared to this. 
The decision was a no-brainer. 0.00 less and does way more. 

Win 7 Starter (Stable and fast) missing some features of Premium, not critical though. Keeps cost under 280.00 
1GB Ram (wish it had 2GB) 
1.6 Atom N450 
250GB HD 
SD Card Reader. 
Multi-gesture track pad 
3 USB 2.0 
VGA out 
Stereo speakers are fantastic. Hands down better than anything out there. 
Wifi B/G/N and an ethernet port 
Under 3 lbs. 
Greater than 8 hours battery 
Webcam (OK resolution. Skype works great, I wish it were 1.3MP) 
Runs real programs 
Keyboard a bit cramped (I have big hands) expected from a small NB 
Great for travel. 
Nice design. Better than any i have seen. I wish the screen was 11.3″ but I am very satisfied, especially since the price was fantastic, and I was on a budget. 
Using Google Chrome and IE8 for browsing. Chrome seems a little better for this Netbook.

BuyingGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life


Great notebook I bought for my husband and I to use when we travel. Has everything we need. Delivered fast and in excellent shape.

DiscountGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life


Gateway LT2108u 10.1-inch Netbook—-is everything and more they said it would be. screen size is fine–very clear. easy to use.–wireless app works great. would reccomend to anyone looking for a net book. Starter Windows 7 is perfect for my needs, but can be easily updated. really has 8 plus hrs. battery life. Amazon experience was great. 3 days delivery time (said it would 5).

SaveGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life

Wonderful Buy!!!

Although we have a desk top computer I need the netbook to be more efficent and maximize my time. I took my netbook with me last night to a conference and the ability to take notes instantly without first writing them down and then transfering them through data entry is priceless. I am able to work while I am at wrestling practice or basketball practice. I am able to pull something up during meetings. The battery life is exceptional. I wouuld surely purchase this netbook again!

Low PriceGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life


This notebook is portable and does everything my bigger laptop does. I attend school and taking this light-weight laptop to school with me is so much easier to carry and I don’t lose any options that my bigger laptop has. This smaller laptop has not disappointed me at all. Its fast and the battery lasts a lot longer than my larger laptop does, which is another great feature.

Where To BuyGateway LT2110u 10.1-Inch White Netbook – Over 8 Hours Of Battery Life

Does its job very well

I have been using my Gateway netbook for about a month now and I love it. I take it on the train to work with me and listen to music and get work done on the road, I set it up at work and create a workspace for myself wherever I

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