► Marzahn meme ◄ lattice of icons retrieved & arrayed like a matrix by flickr-search-engine

► Marzahn meme ◄ lattice of icons retrieved & arrayed like a matrix by flickr-search-engine
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Image by oedipusphinx — — — — theJWDban
Gallery of 24 {of 4776} icons that showed up when tapping the search-string ‘marzahn’. Four of the 24 images were uploaded by a person named ‘quapan’:

…..#05: MISSILE STONEWARE: Thor’s thunder~bolt~serpent “ingot”; Freya’s “βαυβóν”; Odin’s ferry~boat “dart”. MAGIC.κ.TOOL: hafted saxon knife (“seax”) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon. ♦SACRED♦ADAMANTINE♦LIGHTNING♦SHUTTLE♦
Four days later on a sunday afternoon, September 2nd 2007, I began to investigate the architecture and design of the beautiful piece again. Suddenly I was recognizing with delight: The stone was the ideal tool for hunters & collectors: It is multifunctional.
Dart the missile ! The pointed keel will stabilize the ballistics of its trajectory !
With the proximal phalanx of the thumb at the hilt, you can use it as a little pestle (triangular area: 1,5 x 1,5 x 1,5 cm) – turn it by 180 degrees – and you can have a hand-chisel (‘nutcracker’) with a punch-area of 2,5 x 1,5 cm.

……#06: star leaf fringed in moon gate
The being stranded star leaf is starring in a fringed ‘moongate’ @ Eastgate Berlin gravitates sunside down earth↓wards exhibiting her flashed, chthonotrope, fawnbeige moonside, fringed by rippling rickrack purlieus; subfusc harbinger of the non-trivial Hecate-Day, the Blue June Moon on June 30th, 2007 [GMT], transformed by wintertimes into a moonscaped, tellurian-coloured ghost; serendipitously cultivated undulant, darkly leaf rings all around, a mystique caused by the processes of becoming embedded into {fossilized onto} & trying to escape from her marblelike, hygrophilous tar-yard.
………#09: black square sun hypeЯReally eclipsed by housing blocks
The black square sun immersing into eastern-bloc-style housing estate facades were meant for a HDRI – but instead Photomatrix 2.4.1 synthesized a kind of hyperreal sunscape from a pair of location shots that were taken at 18:29:07 and 18:29:44 [local times]: During those 37 seconds the red sun disc had been shifting further downwards and into the northern (“HyperBorean”) wind direction.
…………………#22: red poppy still life standing out against an industrial landscape
A brightly shining red poppy still life is standing out in contrast to a solarized evening sky filled up with shadowy symbols of the Industrial Revolution: A huge pylon decked with three power lines, a GDR-chimney, a double-barrelled street lamp and the gas main pipeline from Russia.
In its small area of DOF the macro landscape contains three hairy poppy stalks. One of these stems has hanging down a green seed capsule whose shape reminds of an unblown WWI hand grenade.

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search engine – a program for the retrieval of data, files, or documents from a database or network, especially the Internet [_NODE_]
matrix mathematics 3. a rectangular array of quantities or expressions in rows and columns that is treated as a single entity and manipulated according to particular rules.
– a grid-like array of elements, especially of data items; a lattice.
lattice a structure consisting of strips of wood or metal crossed and fastened together with square or diamond-shaped spaces left between, used typically as a screen or fence or as support for climbing plants physics a regular-repeated three-dimensional arrangement of atoms, ions or molecules in metal or other crystalline solid.
semantic web 2.0 The promise of the collective act of providing meta data is to attach semantic information to the content published on the Internet (–> flickr.com: the most popular website for posting and tagging fotos). …. It adds a second layer to the stored data, a layer that promises to revolutionize the way users search and deal with information. [_abridged from: Metainformation as Collective Production. Paper presented by Mirko Tobias Schäfer at Paris Utrecht Mini Symposium (PUMS), Paris, May 19th 2006_]
Semantic Desktop Overview & Outlook (2005) by Leo Sauermann, Ansgar Bernardi, Andreas Dengel: The field we call today “Semantic Desktop” is both old (memex, hypertext systems and the web) and new (first publication with the term – 2003)…. The core idea is to bring Semantic Web technologies to the desktop, enabling people to use their desktop computers like a personal semantic web, where applications integrate and ideas are connected through ontologies.
ontologies The basis for information articulation and communication are common ontologies, their formal representation needs to be accessible to run inference and adapt user interfaces. We recommend to separate ontologies and make them available
through dedicated services, so that developers clearly know what RDF graphs to use when the question comes to ontologies.(XIII)

ontology browser An embedded ontology browser is also required. Respect that the ontologies are shared between applications and show the both the personal concepts and the common ontologies (as mentioned above). Users need the ability to relate the currently selected resource to the ontologies.