Fox News Backs Trump Against Megyn Kelly In Perfect Ratings Victory

In the world of political entertainment, all publicity is good publicity, all advertising dollars are good advertising dollars, and all control provides a way to hone your message and income Trump knows this. So does Fox News Chief, Roger Ailes.

The Fox News gender demographic breakdown is 56% male and 44% female. By coddling Trump, Ailes is hedging his audience bets, keeping current viewers and maximizing the revenue stream associated with new ones. That’s because Trump equals ratings and ratings equal money; a record 24 million people tuned in to the first GOP debate last week, compared to about 2.3 million on average for The Kelly File.

Now, Trump has every right to manipulate Fox News, and the media as a whole, in the exposure stakes. And Fox has power too. The network could have called his bluff. Instead, it capitulated to his demands and his audience. That is a blow to journalism. And as Kelly said, “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism from”

Ailes is also focused on the advertising revenue that follows audience numbers. The network wants to keep existing customers, or the loudest ones anyway, happy. More than that, it wants to access fresh faces; those non-Fox News regulars that tuned in to the Trump show debate—and will again.

The extra viewers last week meant that advertisers who had previously bought debate slots got more bang for their buck. For Fox, this leads to higher fees next time, which requires not just keeping Trump in the mix, but keeping Trump happy. The Kelly File may have stellar ratings normally, but a larger, more diverse audience of millennials to seniors, Democrats to Republicans, yields more advertising categories.

Fox can also gain advertisers that don’t think Trump is worth the risk of a long term partnership (like Macy’s), but might bank on him on a one-off show basis

First Look on the Ground After Deadly China Explosion

The deadly explosion in Tianjin, China, on Wednesday killed at least 50 people and injured hundreds. ABC News’ Bob Woodruff went close to the scene of the incident today, walking through the wreckage left behind.

Tianjin, China, Explosion: See the Apocalyptic Images
At Least 44 Dead After Explosions Rock Chinese City of Tianjin
Massive Explosions Rocks Tianjin, China
The explosion was so powerful that cars melted and homes crumbled. About a mile away Woodruff found vehicles dented, with their windows blown out. He also explored a nearby migrant camp that was completely destroyed. In another area, Woodruff entered an office building, where glass and debris littered the floor.

The first blast happened at 11:30 p.m., followed by a second explosion just 30 seconds later, according to a statement from the Tianjin Fire Department

Activists put an end to Jeb Bush’s Nevada town hall

Black Lives Matter demonstrators interrupted a Jeb Bush event in North Las Vegas on Wednesday, putting an end to the Republican presidential candidate’s town hall trivia crack cheats tool.

As Bush wrapped up a question and answer session, about a dozen activists entered the community center, raising their fists and chanting, “black lives matter.”

Some Bush backers responded with chants of “All lives matter!” and “White lives matter!”, according to media reports.

The former Florida governor left soon after, shaking hands with supporters as he exited the meeting.

Earlier in the evening, Bush responded to a question about race and the criminal justice and education systems.

“Look, we have serious problems,” Bush answered. “And these problems have gotten worse in the last few years. Communities can no longer trust the basic institutions in our society.”

He acknowledged that racism still existed in America, but touted “significant progress” on the issue line cookie run hack.

The Republican candidate also turned to his own education record in Florida, where he said he had “a record of empowering people in communities” with minority youth.

The Bush campaign said that the candidate met with Black Lives Matter advocates privately ahead of the town hall, where they “discussed barriers to upward mobility” in America.

“[H]e is committed to campaigning across the nation as he seeks the presidency, talking to everyone and every community about his vision for restoring opportunity for all Americans,” campaign spokesperson Allie Brandenburger told CBS News in a statement Wednesday night. “Governor Bush’s goal is to unite Americans, not divide them, and that begins with having open, candid conversations with all voters.”

The GOP contender for the White House has drawn criticism in the past for his treatment of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a New Hampshire town hall last month, Bush dismissed the group when he responded to a question about Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s apology for saying “white lives matter.”

“Are we so uptight and so politically correct now that we apologize for saying ‘lives matter?’ Life is precious,” Bush said in Gorham, New Hampshire. “Should he have apologized? No. If he believes that white lives matter, which I hope he does, then he shouldn’t have apologized to a group that seemed to disagree with it. Gosh.”

Black Lives Matter advocates have disrupted several other presidential campaign events across the country in recent months.

Last week, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ended an event in Seattle after protesters took over the stage. And at July’s Netroots Nation convention, a forum for liberal activists, O’Malley and Sanders were both interrupted during their speeches.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has also taken notice of the movement, meeting with Black Lives Matter representatives on Tuesday after they were barred from attending Clinton’s New Hampshire forum on substance abuse.

Clinton too has come under fire from some in the social justice group, when she used the phrase “all lives matter” at a community event in a Missouri church in June. The Democratic presidential contender has since come out strongly to address police violence and “acknowledge and believe that black lives matter.” geometry dash hack tool

El Niño Could Be Among Strongest on Record, Raising Risk of Floods

The phenomenon known as El Niño is brewing in the Pacific Ocean — and it could be one of the strongest on record, raising the risk of floods and mudslides this winter in Southern California, forecasters said Thursday big fish casino cheats.

It won’t produce enough rain to end the historic drought in California, they said.

Still, it could rival the most powerful El Niño since records were first kept in 1950, experts from the government’s Climate Prediction Center said. That was during the winter of 1997-98, when Southern California was drenched with twice its normal rainfall.

El Niño, an occasional warming of the Pacific waters around the equator, can change weather patterns around the world. In the United States, it usually means heavier than normal winter rain in California and much of the South and East.

It also generally suppresses hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean — and this has been an extremely quiet Atlantic hurricane season. There have been three tropical storms and not a single hurricane click here.

This year’s ocean warming could make for what some climatologists are calling a Super El Niño. One went so far as to tell the Los Angeles Times that it “has the potential of being the Godzilla El Niño.” And a NOAA blogger cheekily suggested naming it Bruce Lee.

Scientists have already recorded unusual warmth in the zone of Pacific Ocean in question, and it could reach 2 degrees Celsius above normal. That has only happened three times in 65 years — in 1997-98, 1982-83 and 1972-73.

The forecasters said they are expecting a wetter than normal winter in the South and along the East Coast to southern New England. Temperatures are expected to run above average from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes and below average in the Southwest and Southeast.

Exactly how big a dent El Niño makes in the California drought will depend on the vagaries of day-to-day weather this winter.

But it won’t be enough. Kevin Werner, director of Western climate services for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told reporters that would take something wetter than the wettest year on record.

“At this point there’s no cause for rejoicing that El Nino’s here to save the day,” said Mike Halpert, deputy director of NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. “It’s a serious situation, and the word still needs to be ‘conserve.’ The drought is not ending anytime soon.”

Man struck, killed by roller coaster at Ohio theme park

Officials at Cedar Point amusement park say a guest entered a restricted area and was struck and killed by the Raptor roller coaster Thursday afternoon, CBS News Cleveland affiliate WOIO reported check this website.

Police say James A. Young had just finished riding the Raptor on Thursday and jumped over a fence to retrieve something he dropped during the 57 mph ride. The Erie County coroner says it was his cellphone.

Sandusky police say Young was struck by the ride or someone on it. No one else was hurt

“At approximately 5 p.m., a guest entered a restricted, fenced area of the Raptor roller coaster and was struck by the ride,” the statement said.

“Park safety officials responded immediately to the situation. Unfortunately the guest has passed away. Local authorities are on the scene conducting an investigation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time.” get this website

Ex-President Warren Harding’s Love Child Confirmed Through DNA Testing

After nearly 100 years of rumors and historical speculation, DNA testing has confirmed that President Warren Harding had a child out of wedlock – his only biological child – with mistress Nan Britton boom beach tool online.

Britton first came forward publically with the claim that her daughter, Elizabeth Ann, was Harding’s daughter in a 1927 autobiography “The President’s Daughter.” In her account, Britton detailed a steamy six-year-long affair with the 29th president, including one encounter in a White House closet, before his untimely death in 1923.

At the time of its publishing, the book was met with public ridicule and widely discounted as the stuff of pornographic fiction. Britton was labeled a “sex pervert” and “degenerate,” and a book was even written to counter her claims about Harding, who was married to Florence Mabel Harding.

Harding historian James Robenalt compares Britton to the Monica Lewinsky of her time.

“Nan Britton was someone who had to live through a lot of attacks … and I think her story was a lot like Monica Lewinsky because there was a real shaming process,” Robenalt said. “She was just picking up for her daughter, who we now know was Harding’s daughter, and she was just viciously attacked for it.”

But recent DNA testing by Ancestry has proven that James Blaesing, the son of Harding’s biological daughter, Elizabeth Ann, is the second cousin of the president’s grandnephew Peter Harding and his grandniece Abigail Harding just click other website.

The search to prove Britton’s story has been a six-year journey, prompted by Harding’s grandnephew Peter, who said he resolved to solve the mystery after he discovered a copy of “The President’s Daughter” among his sister’s possessions that had previously belonged to their father, who was Harding’s brother.

Harding read the book back-to-back with Robenalt’s 2009 book, “The Harding Affair: Love and Espionage during the Great War,” that detailed a long-running affair between Harding and another mistress Carrie Phillips and included a trove of love letters the president wrote to Phillips.

“I read [the books] back to back and I realized they were talking about the same man,” Peter Harding told ABC News today.

All his life, Harding said, his family had maintained that Britton was a “delusional woman who believed in a fantasy.” The family believed that President Harding, who had mumps as a child, was sterilized by the illness and could not have children.

But upon reading the book, and comparing the love letters Britton described in her book to those written to Phillips and included in Robenalt’s book, Harding realized that he “was dealing with a formidable author who was telling the truth.”

Unlike Phillips, Britton had no documented proof of the letters Harding had written her, having destroyed the love letters he wrote her at his request.

So Peter Harding reached out to Britton’s descendants and found a willing partner in Jim Blaesing, Britton’s grandson and now the proven grandson of the 29th president. After a long process of DNA testing, it wasn’t until recently that Ancestry developed biological testing that was precise enough to accurately connect Harding’s grandnephew to Elizabeth Britton’s grandson.

Harding said the decision to undergo DNA testing, and the subsequent proof of familial connection, has been an emotional journey for both families.

“Each family has their own set of beliefs and we had never discussed this in my family and in Jim’s family,” he said. “We both broke with our family ideology, and I feared losing friendships within the family. I was violating a lot of family rules to bring this about.”

But now that the familial connection has been proven, Harding said, his family has embraced the news and are now in the process of planning a family reunion with their newly discovered family members.

The importance of the discovery, Robenalt believes, is twofold.

“For one, this family can be united,” Robenalt said. “There are literally grandsons of Harding who don’t know their cousins.”

And, secondly, he hopes the discovery will begin to clear the air around Harding’s scandalized reputation in history madden mobile cheats.

“This book really ruined Warren Harding’s reputation, and as a result the important lessons of his presidency have been lost,” Robenalt said, who points out that Harding argued for non-interventionist policies before World War I that continue to be relevant following the lessons of the war in Iraq.

“It’s not our job to go in and change other forms of government into a democracy, and he was right,” Robenalt said.

“He’s seen as scandal-ridden and someone without any substance,” he added, “and this story will hopefully ‘put to bed’ all this stuff and the focus on who he was a president.”

Harding said he also believes he has proven something about his grand-uncle’s character. Though Britton was 30 years Harding’s junior, Peter Harding says the president’s extramarital relationships were not the result of womanizing, but love.

“He was not a womanizer,” Harding contends. “He had two women in his life, one after the other, he was in love with both of them. And Nan Britton loved him her entire life.” offer line rangers hack

Dramatic Video Shows Deadly Explosion That Rocked Tianjin, China

Dramatic new YouTube video shows the series of explosions that rocked Tianjin, China and killed dozens from

The video, posted by Daniel Van Duren, was taped from less than 1km away from the twin blasts that rocked the port town at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to a description on the page.

According to Van Duren’s YouTube page, he was on top of his 33-story apartment building when the blasts began.

Tianjin, China, Explosion: See the Apocalyptic Images
PHOTOS: Massive Explosions Rocks Tianjin, China get this tool
First Look on the Ground After Deadly China Explosion
“It was like watching a nuclear bomb go off in front of us!!” the post on the page says.

In the video onlookers can be heard exclaiming at the series of blasts, which send debris shooting out like fireworks.

Van Duren wrote that the blasts devastated his building along with many others.

“So we had to run down the whole 33 levels and escape,” he wrote.

The explosions, which left at least 50 dead, including 12 firefighters, according to the Tianjin government, also injured more than 700.

There were scenes of devastation around Tianjin, including a field of cars that were burned out and windows blown out in the area.

Tianjin, China’s fifth largest city, is the maritime gateway to Beijing click this.

Survivors of deadly China explosion “terrified” by ordeal

The Chinese are saying that 50 are dead, but that is sure to rise. At least 700 are injured, dozens are missing. The blast erupted at the seaport, in a warehouse for hazardous materials get blitz brigade hack tool.

A stunning video taken by a drone gives an aerial view of the aftermath: The skeleton of burned buildings, shipping containers smoldering, acrid smoke belching into the sky.

More than a thousand firefighters were sent in, but they were stopped as authorities tried to figure out which chemicals were burning — and their risk.

At one building, on the side facing the blast, every single window is blown out. The second explosion had the power of more than 20 tons of TNT.

Kelly Wang and Nathan Liu didn’t have time to collect their belongings. “My home destroyed,” she said. “No home to go to.”

She described the explosion: “Everybody just ran out,” she said. “We saw fire and a mushroom cloud. It’s terrifying. Very terrifying.”

Victims filled hospitals. Many had wounds from flying glass.

The blasts were so powerful they registered as earthquakes and produced fireballs so big they were seen in outer space, pictured as a growing green mass in a sea of white clouds.

The explosions burned hundreds of new cars to their shells

Some pictures and posts about the blasts were deleted from social media by Chinese censors as authorities tried to control the narrative. Officials tried to stop a CBS News camera crew from shooting in front of a hospital.

Police blocked access to the blast site. Residents were not allowed to return home and local TV stations gave little coverage to the story.

There is no word yet on what caused the disaster, but calls for accountability go all the way up to China’s president Xi Jinping, who has demanded severe punishment

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Second Life holiday parties was an incredible mix of trance, dnb, electronica, dark psy, goa, minimal, proggy, acid, experimental, industrial, noize, tribal, jazz, live music, country, blues, reggae, salsa, classical, opera, and Christmas music. I heard it all and then some.

I love music of all kinds. If it’s good, it’s worth listening to, so don’t start with the nose-up-in-the-air over your favorite genre. Believe me… good music will always find an audience. An audience of sophisticated listeners will stop to listen to any good sound… even if it isn’t part of your normal repertoire.

What is amazing is that dj’s and musicians around the world know this, and they borrow from all genres to create their own personal sounds.

Here in Second Life, we get the results from around the world. World music mixes with the trendy sounds of the day, and we get the sounds that we love so much.

I want to thank all the dj’s, musicians, club owners and event makers in SL. You guys made a holiday scene like no other. APPLAUSE & BRAVO ::::